Caswell County Genealogy

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Date of Last GEDCOM Import: 23 Sep 2023 09:45:04

Caswell County Genealogy Guidelines:

1. With certain exceptions, we will not provide names of living people. The cutoff date for identifying the living is 1925. While this may hamper using the Family Tree as a directory to find living people, that is not its purpose. However, you should feel free to submit information with respect to living people. This will place them in the database, but they will not be displayed (only shown without a name and as "Living"). To see "Living" request a username and password.

2. We will not follow families after they moved from Caswell County past two generations. While there obviously will be some exceptions to this rule (say for Caswellians who became historically significant in other states or to complete a story or theme that began in Caswell County), it generally will be followed.

3. Computer files submitted will not be merged mindlessly into the master database. This would create a nightmare of duplicate names, orphans, and awkward relationships. While it initially will be more difficult for those maintaining the database, each name will be entered separately, obvious conflicts addressed, and notes added to highlight concerns. Only the administrator will be able to modify the database.

4. Accuracy is a goal, but cannot be guaranteed. The database will grow as people submit ancestral information for inclusion. The administrator cannot double check this information against primary sources to make sure that it is correct. Caswell County Genealogy will be as accurate as the administrator can make it, but it will have errors and omissions. Thus, while I believe it will be a very valuable research tool, users should only consider it as a starting point for in-depth genealogical research. Sources will be cited when known. Also, please be kind when you find errors. Work with the administrator, and the errors will be corrected.

5. We encourage "peer review". Many people have a wealth of information about the county's families. As you review a section of the Family Tree you may find, for example, an incorrect date, a name wrong, or know of additional ancestors or descendants. Please leave a comment and include your source.

6. The Family Tree Gedcom file (standard genealogical file format) will not be downloadable. This means that no person can highjack the entire file. If they want it, they must copy every entry. While I may revisit this position, it is a beginning principle. However, should you have a need for a portion of the file, contact the administrator.

7. To avoid creating a list of useless "Unknowns" where the full name of a person has not been found (usually a surname and most often a spouse's missing maiden name) we will use the following convention: Lillie F. Unknown [Foster]. The "Unknown" is her maiden surname; the [Foster] is her married surname. This groups all the bracketed names alphabetically after the "Z" names and allows searching by the [name].

8. To include your family on the Caswell County Family Tree, just send a simple outline of what you know. Nothing formal from a genealogical viewpoint is necessary. Who cares if you do not know what a Gedcom file is. Few do, and it is not important. Send us your basic family information. The administrator will place it online and work with you to expand it, including adding photographs and basic documents such as wills. Just begin with a few entries and build your own Caswell County family tree. However, the benefit of including it here is that your family will be linked to others in Caswell County and will have a broad audience.


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Moses Roper Advertising Flyer 1839
Moses Roper Advertising Flyer 1839
  14 Sep 2023


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Dead End Road
Dead End Road
  10 Sep 2023


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Hamlett, Claude Elwood 
b. 5 Jan 1919   23 Sep 2023
.Apple, Tommie W 
b. 23 Sep 1932   23 Sep 2023
Aaron, Kattie F. 
b. 10 May 1884   23 Sep 2023
Aaron, William Clarence 
b. 18 May 1871  North Carolina  23 Sep 2023
Abacrombie, Jane 
b. Abt 1746   23 Sep 2023
Abbott, Cassandra 
b. Abt 1837  Virginia  23 Sep 2023
Abbott, John 
b. 7 Jul 1897   23 Sep 2023
Abbott, Ottie 
   23 Sep 2023
Abbott, Susan 
b. 1860   23 Sep 2023
Abe, Carl Ernest 
b. 7 Dec 1944  Ohio  23 Sep 2023

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023
           23 Sep 2023