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Yancey Family

Bartlett Yancey, Jr. (1785-1828), and Ann Graves (1786-1855) may have had ten children. Only three, all daughters, had long lives (88, 79, and 77). The average age of the others at death was around 14 years (with none of the seven making it past 30).

Set forth below is a list of those children, along with brief life facts:

1. Rufus Augustus Yancey (1809-1829). He graduated from the University of North Carolina and died unexpectedly young at age of twenty while visiting Richmond, Virginia.

2. Frances Williams Yancey (1811-1839). She is the second child and first daughter. In 1829 she married Dr. Henry McAden, M.D. (c.1800 - c.1843). The couple had four children, and Frances Williams Yancey McAden apparently died giving birth to the fourth on 3 October 1839 (Frances Yancey McAden). The children were orphaned, and a brother of Frances Williams Yancey McAden was appointed guardian.

3. The third child of Bartlett Yancey, Jr., and Ann Graves is shown by many Yancey family researchers as Caroline L. Yancey, born 13 December 1812 and died 1813. However, the existence of this person has not been confirmed. No primary source record has been found, and she has no grave marker in the Yancey Family cemetery in Yanceyville, Caswell County, North Carolina. The Yanceys did have a daughter named Caroline Louisa Yancey (thus, a Caroline L. Yancey) born much later, 19 October 1823. Of course, the existence of a later child with the same name as a deceased sibling is not without precedent.

4. Curtius Yancey (1813-1814).

5. Algernon Sidney Yancey (1816-1846). In 1838 he married his first cousin Henrietta Williams Graves (1816-1872) who outlived him by many years. Her second husband is John Howe Mebane (1806-1875). She is Mebane's third wife.

6. Mary Catherine Yancey (1817-1906). In 1837 she married Giles Mebane (1809-1899). Her mother's will gave to her the portrait of Bartlett Yancey, Jr.

7. Bartlett Yancey (born and died in June 1819). Some researchers claim that he lived until 1820, but provide no supporting documentation that would call into question the grave marker date.

8. Elizabeth Yancey (1821-1900). In 1855 she married Thomas Jefferson Womack (1831-1889), and the couple had at least four children.

9. Caroline Louisa Yancey (1823-1842). In 1841 she married Lemuel H. Mebane (1816-1855), and died the next year. However, her exact death date is uncertain.

10. The tenth (and believed last) child Graves is Virginia Bartlett Yancey (1826-1904). She was born Maria Virginia Yancey, but changed her name. In 1842 she married the notorious George William Swepson (1819-1883). No children are known.

No son of Bartlett Yancey, Jr., had a son. Thus, the Yancey name associated with this branch of the family died out in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Bartlett Yancey, Jr., Children

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