Caswell County Genealogy

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Wake County, North Carolina


County/Shire : Latitude: 35.8031909, Longitude: -78.5660852


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carlton, Iola Mosette  28 Apr 1888Wake County, North Carolina I55239
2 Carlton, Norman Cecil  16 Dec 1879Wake County, North Carolina I55241
3 Chappell, Mary Elizabeth  13 Aug 1880Wake County, North Carolina I23881
4 Coward, Isla Mae  5 Jun 1916Wake County, North Carolina I6487
5 Farish, Frances Pannell Banks  5 Nov 1804Wake County, North Carolina I6076
6 Frederick, Lewis Paul  1844Wake County, North Carolina I2933
7 Frederick, Mary J.  1849Wake County, North Carolina I2935
8 Frederick, Rowan  Abt 1846Wake County, North Carolina I2934
9 Frederick, William Radford  12 Oct 1841Wake County, North Carolina I2923
10 Hill, William S.  Abt 1835Wake County, North Carolina I69141
11 Hunt, Fred Lee  16 Dec 1902Wake County, North Carolina I28327
12 Jones, Helen Frances  Abt 1806Wake County, North Carolina I62146
13 Jones, Mary Ann  21 Sep 1780Wake County, North Carolina I53132
14 Lee, Annie E.  8 Aug 1879Wake County, North Carolina I23259
15 Love, John Calvin  1815Wake County, North Carolina I25811
16 Mangum, Priestly Hinton Jr.  21 Aug 1829Wake County, North Carolina I34816
17 Martin, Frances Alston  12 May 1799Wake County, North Carolina I33632
18 Newsom, James David  2 Feb 1801Wake County, North Carolina I72397
19 Olive, John T.  Abt 1863Wake County, North Carolina I52607
20 Purefoy, Addison Foster  20 Aug 1832Wake County, North Carolina I9527
21 Purefoy, Emma James  13 Oct 1859Wake County, North Carolina I3597
22 Purefoy, James Simpson  19 Feb 1813Wake County, North Carolina I58078
23 Scoggin, Fannie  14 Oct 1910Wake County, North Carolina I62789
24 Smith, Anne William  6 May 1830Wake County, North Carolina I37538
25 Smith, Bertha Lou  30 Apr 1897Wake County, North Carolina I19179
26 Smith, John Samuel  12 Jul 1827Wake County, North Carolina I33707
27 Smith, Mary  20 Aug 1840Wake County, North Carolina I72627
28 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  14 Nov 1824Wake County, North Carolina I33706
29 Stephens, Sidney Richard  6 Jun 1861Wake County, North Carolina I82954
30 Stephens, Vonnie Ervin  27 Oct 1901Wake County, North Carolina I52825
31 Strauss, Doris Jean  2 Aug 1927Wake County, North Carolina I51103
32 Sullivan, Ellen Julia  Abt 1925Wake County, North Carolina I36472
33 Sutherland, Rebecca Hillard  27 Apr 1797Wake County, North Carolina I34845
34 Upchurch, Norman Stroupe  19 Dec 1904Wake County, North Carolina I4101
35 Wall, Homer Lawrence  16 May 1926Wake County, North Carolina I27795
36 Watts, Mary Emma  18 Dec 1900Wake County, North Carolina I12585
37 Yates, Clellie Idessa  14 Feb 1917Wake County, North Carolina I36136


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, James Wade  5 Dec 1968Wake County, North Carolina I10855
2 Barts, Connie May  10 Apr 1986Wake County, North Carolina I35267
3 Felmet, Lucian Holt  7 Sep 1983Wake County, North Carolina I43552
4 Harris, Elizabeth Alma  19 Apr 1995Wake County, North Carolina I28326
5 Hodges, Gertrude  22 Jun 1975Wake County, North Carolina I8688
6 Holden, Lula Tucker  27 Mar 1918Wake County, North Carolina I20794
7 Hunt, Fred Lee  1 May 1987Wake County, North Carolina I28327
8 Jeffress, Leonard Hunt  10 Jun 1914Wake County, North Carolina I61195
9 Law, Anna M.  18 Sep 1967Wake County, North Carolina I56483
10 Lindsey, Jessie Margaret  4 Jul 1928Wake County, North Carolina I10763
11 McCann, John F.  16 Feb 1949Wake County, North Carolina I49391
12 Paschal, Raymond Ernest  18 Jul 1953Wake County, North Carolina I44320
13 Pattillo, Thomas Glenn Jr.  18 Apr 2003Wake County, North Carolina I80997
14 Phillips, John Silas  1911Wake County, North Carolina I62852
15 Purefoy, Reverend John  28 May 1855Wake County, North Carolina I58080
16 Rosenthal, Gustav  23 Jun 1916Wake County, North Carolina I21989
17 Rudd, Anderson Pinnix  Abt 1902Wake County, North Carolina I15739
18 Scoggin, Fannie  14 May 1912Wake County, North Carolina I62789
19 Stephens, Sidney Richard  13 Jan 1932Wake County, North Carolina I82954
20 Upchurch, Charles Franklin  12 Oct 1940Wake County, North Carolina I66075
21 Vaughan, Andrew Wayne  14 Jan 1964Wake County, North Carolina I44283
22 Yancey, William Judson  2 Jan 1911Wake County, North Carolina I3184
23 Ziglar, Jeanette Roach  25 Nov 2008Wake County, North Carolina I27948


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Powers  8 Oct 1851Wake County, North Carolina F5860
2 Dixon / Thomas  19 Dec 1893Wake County, North Carolina F2080
3 Dodson / Harding  23 Feb 1854Wake County, North Carolina F7623
4 Graves / Strayhorn  1 Jul 1840Wake County, North Carolina F817
5 Griffith / Clayton  29 Jan 1873Wake County, North Carolina F19070
6 Hill / Simmons  12 Jan 1831Wake County, North Carolina F23849
7 James / Mangum  9 Apr 1856Wake County, North Carolina F9715
8 Jeffreys / Jones  20 May 1829Wake County, North Carolina F22564
9 Lewis / Seawell  6 Feb 1834Wake County, North Carolina F5375
10 Mangum / Sutherland  12 Feb 1824Wake County, North Carolina F9719
11 Palmer / Jenkins  19 Jul 1859Wake County, North Carolina F18183
12 Purefoy / Fort  13 Dec 1831Wake County, North Carolina F19871
13 Rittenbury / Stanfield  22 May 1922Wake County, North Carolina F7493
14 Sowers / Fox  29 Jun 1962Wake County, North Carolina F51801
15 Stallings / Poteat  6 Mar 1919Wake County, North Carolina F1916
16 Stamps / Williams  26 Jan 1876Wake County, North Carolina F11035
17 Upchurch / Byrd  23 Sep 1842Wake County, North Carolina F22694
18 Walton / Nichols  11 Jun 1839Wake County, North Carolina F21233